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Sell Your Home

Every Home in Every Price Range Deserves the Best Marketing Package

Sell Your Home in 7 Easy Steps

1. Initial Consultation

We want to know every detail, discover all of the ways buyers will love your home. We take extensive notes to outline everything you have done to maintain and update your home.

We will then discuss the current market and how your home measures up to the market so we can share where your home value stands.

Market Report Sample

Next, we will discover and discuss all the items to repair before we go on the market to help your home look its absolute best

Net Sheet: At the end of the day, everyone wants to know the estimated proceeds of their sale so they can understand what their investment allows them to do moving forward.

2. Market Report

Detailed packet we prepare for you home and other Relevant Home have sold. These homes have been on the market and will help us determine your market value to maximum leverage to sell your home for the best terms and value

3. Commitment

  • We go over all the contract details before signing them.
  • When all of the contracts are signed, we get the ball in motion to help you and your home ready for sale!

4. Staging your Home is Key

  • Homes that dont stage get 4% less in value than those that stage.
  • We partner with Elle Maven Homes – an exceptional group of women that stage our client homes.
  • First, they will do an initial consultation with you and your home to determine the best plan and what needs to be pre-packed.
  • They will email you a full report and detail what to do per room.
  • Picture Day! That is the final staging and preparation before all the media and photos of your beautiful home.

5. The Media Package You Deserve

Now that you are fully staged and ready, let our media partner WhirligigHD and their team showcase your home.

Online Marketing Package:

Personal Website of your Home

Social Media Posts

Instagram Post Example
Facebook Post Example

6. Our Team and Platinum Partners

7. Offers and Closing

Whether it is one offer of multiple offers, we take the time to prepare you for what contract means to you so that you fully understand the terms and conditions.

Our team of experts will guide you through the accepted offer process and be there anytime you need us.

Closing Time…Let’s celebrate all the hard work and commitment to be our very best!

Ready to sell your home? We’re here for you!