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DIY Projects


How To Build A Raised Garden Bed

Difficulty Rating - MODERATE

We found this great project on and decided to try it out for ourselves. Watch the video and check out family handyman's website for more detailed instructions. 

Time Commitment

With all the tools and supplies already prepped, this project took 3 hours to complete. Overall, plan on a full day for this project.

Tools Required

- Circular saw

- Drill

- Level

- Metal shears

- Stapler

Materials Required

- 1" sheet metal screws with washers

- 1/4" stainless steel staples

- 1/4" x 6" coated construction screws

- 1/2", 3/4", and 2" deck screws

- 26" x 10' corrugated metal panel (2)

- 2"x2"x8' treated lumber (2)

- 2"x4"x8' treated lumber (4)

- 2"x6"x10' treated lumber (5)

- 3/4"x4'x8' treated lumber

- 6 Mil plastic sheeting

3 Tools Everyone Should

Keep In Their Toolbox

Difficulty Rating - EASY

Todd Maahs shares important tools for homeowners and DIYers to have in their toolbox. In this episode, Todd shares three tools everyone should keep in their toolbox.

Magnet Tray

Stainless steel magnet trays provide a great place for you to store nuts, bolts, screws, drill bits and more when working on a project. All of these small items have a tendency to wander off. The magnet tray keeps them in an easy to remember place.

Telescoping Magnet

Ideal for retreiving dropped metal items in hard-to-reach areas. The magnet extends up to 2 feet and retracts for easy storage.

Claw Pick-Up Tool

Another great tool to help pick up dropped items in tight spaces or for clearing clogs in pipes.

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