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Our People and our process make all the difference. With over 20 years of residential real estate experience with single family, duplex, multi-family properties, condominium associations, and much more, we know the Madison and Dane County market like no other group.

Our systems from the start of meeting with potential management clients through our systems and processes to market, application process and lease management for tenants, we make this process simple so that you the property/portfolio manager can spend more time doing what you love.


  • Superior property marketing

  • Superior Tenant screening process

  • Superior maintenance team assembled to maintain the value and integrity of your investment

  • Online portal to access payments, expenses and tax reporting for ease of reporting 


  • Walk Through Inspection

    • Each property we walk through with our clients to analyze what will maximize the rent for each unit and the building and create a capital expense plan that maintains the value of the building​

    • We keep an extensive log of information on the home or building so that you have all of the records of each appliance, its age, how it is serviced on a routine schedule

  • ​Available 7 days a week

    • Our team is able to handle tenant requests or owner request Mon-Friday from 8-5pm and on the weekend we have team coverage of all properties and maintenance requests that may come in.​

    • Emergency hours and requests are handled by our team maintenance crew

  • Proven Rental Marketing Plan

    • Professional photos​

    • Virtual staging for vacant units

    • Online syndication to market each unit for lease to over 20 rental sites

  • Superior Tenant Screening

    • Online for ease of new potential tenant​

    • Paid application with full background, criminal, financial and credit check completed for each tenant

    • No smoking allowed at any of our properties

  • Management Services

    • Attending to daily telephone and email inquiries

    • Timely rent collection

    • A property manager available 7 days a week

    • Organizing keys for viewings, inspections and repairs 

    • Attending to payment of various property expenses

    • Collection of late rent through various legal means

    • Lease enforcement with tenants

    • Hand deliveries of notices to tenants, as necessary

    • Attending to print correspondence

    • Organizing maintenance repairs and quotes

    • Administering rent through our account and software

    • Filing evictions, if necessary and Attending court evictions, if necessary

    • Preparing invoices and profit and loss statements

    • Liaison with homeowner or condo associations if applicable

    • Organizing utilities to be turned on and off when required

    • Conducting annual rent reviews

    • Periodic visual inspections of the property to ensure lease compliance 

    • Processing notices to vacate or to renew a lease term

    • Liaison with insurance companies, when authorized

    • Processing security deposit claims, when

  • Leasing Services

  • Sale to Tenant

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